Park Life. Martí Guixé

Posted on 25/02/2011


Park Life es un proyecto que el diseñador catalán Martí Guixé desarrolla desde 2003 y que trata de reconsiderar la vida cotidiana y transformarla en una actividad de ocio. Según explica Guixé, las sociedades postindustriales han abandonando –o lo harán en un futuro– ciertas actividades cotidianas como cocinar, hacer fuego, cultivar el campo, pescar o trabajar en una fábrica. El diseñador considera que seria fácil aceptar de nuevo la realización de estas tareas –arduas cuando se hacen por necesidad– si las entendiéramos como deportes, juegos o actividades de ocio. Respondiendo a esta filosofía, Guixé ha ido creando las diversas construcciones y objetos vinculados con el fuego, con la actividad culinaria y con el cultivo y la obtención de alimentos (Kitchen Buildings)

Park Life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport.

#006 The Oven Kitchen-Building

Wood-burning circular oven; the firewood storage makes up the walls that close off the space. The usage and storage of the logs continuously changes the overall construction. The building is supported by and installed on a slight slope.

#007 The Solar Kitchen-Building

The Solar Kitchen-Building can be shifted manually, following the position of the sun. The construction also allows for indoor use. Cooking is made possible by the concentration of the sunrays in the central point of the interior platform. An inclined opening gives access to the middle of the reflector.

#008 The Fruit Kitchen-Building

Fresh fruit can be picked, prepared and consumed upon a platform that is attached to the trunks of various fruit trees. The trees are planted in large pots of different heights, so that no special effort is needed when picking the fruit.

#009 The Shellfish Kitchen-Building

A transparent saltwater tank on a platform enables you to watch the shellfish from below. The sea crustaceans and molluscs in this shellfish farm can be caught from outside or from within the tank itself.

#010 The Garden Kitchen-Building

Container filled with soil, meant for growing plants. The Garden Kitchen-Building contains all tools needed for gardening and allows to grow fresh vegetables ready for preparation and consumption.
This freestanding container can be installed anywhere.

#011 The Seafood Kitchen-Building

Saltwater fish farm to be installed in a maritime environment near the seaside. Its connection to a platform facilitates the fishing as well as the preparation and consumption of the fish. A series of transparent steps going down into the container displays the inside of the tank.
The tank does not isolate the fish but simply accommodates them, easing the act of fishing.

#012 The Smokehouse Kitchen-Building

The Smokehouse Kitchen-Building consists of a smoking room, which also serves as a storage area for smoking tools and equipment.
Installation near a freshwater river fish farm. Smoking, preparation and consumption happens in one and the same room. Its use is not limited to fish only, but also allows for smoking other food.

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